Good Morning Mr Dickens!

Devised and performed by Chris Connaughton - Directed by Paul Harman

Available: Now and throughout 2016 - 2017 academic year


THE PERFORMANCE - takes place in your school hall or other suitable space. It lasts for 55 minutes and is a dramatised recreation of Dickens in his study, inventing the characters of Nickleby, Smike and Mr Squeers.

THE WRITING WORKSHOP - takes place in the classrooms and is led by the actor, who will move between groups offering writing techniques and ideas, as well as revealing biographical detail and historical background.

NUMBERS - up to 90 students (or 3 classes)

AGE RANGE - 8-13 year olds in particular have found this project accessible and useful.

Chris Connaughton – in role as Charles Dickens - presents stories full of pathos, humour and intrigue, including an account of the production of the early chapters of Nicholas Nickleby.

In the 1830s, upon hearing of the injustices carried out in some of the notorious 'Yorkshire Schools' where boys were dreadfully treated, Charles Dickens was inspired to create a story which outraged the opinions of the general public and eventually led to a demand for reform.

This astonishing recital performance shows how Dickens amazed everyone with his literary style and demonstrates why he became the most celebrated author of his age!

The programme lasts either a half, or a full school day, depending on your requirements. The performance will be followed by an hour-long writing workshop (for the half-day programme).

If you require the full day programme, further writing topics will be undertaken in the afternoon. The full day usually ends with a plenary, or Q and A with the actor.

This production has already toured, to terrific response, in schools and arts centres up and down the country.