Stories and Shows for Key Stage 1 and lower Key Stage 2

These stories usually last between 45 - 60 minutes depending on your requirements.
Shorter, more accessible versions are also available for Foundation Stage. These run for between 20 - 35 minutes, again depending on your requirements.
Remember that the pieces can be performed as part of a full-day or half-day visit, and can be booked alongside other stories and workshops throughout the school. Full booking details can be found here.
Please feel free to invite parents and carers along as the stories are often an experience that the child wishes to share, thereby promoting speaking and listening opportunities amongst families at home too.
Below are just some of the stories available in the repertoire.
Perseus and the Gorgons
The ideal storytelling session to complement "Myths and Legends" topics.  Suitable for Y2-Y5
Chris Connaughton recreates the thrilling adventures of Perseus, Andromeda and Danae as they battle Medusa, the Kraken and evil King Polydectes. The god Zeus himself makes an appearance in this dramatic re-telling.
The story session includes themes for follow up writing work, and introduces ideas about how stories are passed down through the ages by writers, storytellers and film makers.
Book Perseus and the Gorgons for your school

Suitable for KS1 (and up to Y4)


Based on the classic fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm

Chris Connaughton creates a new version of this old tale. Meet a greedy miller and his clever daughter,
a corrupt king and a wicked gnome who attempts to trick them all.
The story includes all the expected humour, excitement, word play and audience participation which fans of Intext’s storytelling have come to love.
Book Rumplestiltskin for your school 
 The Elves and the Shoemaker
 Ideal for Reception, Year 1 and 2.
This re-telling of the old favourite contains all the elements of Intext's previous shows. Vivid storytelling, the use of simple props to stimulate the children's imagination, and audience participation are all included here.
The story also brings together characters from other famous traditional fairytales and has good links to KS1 literacy. It uses speaking and listening, simple rhymes and repeated phrases. In addition to this, the piece looks at subjects such as size and shape, generosity, helping and sharing.
Book 'The Elves and the Shoemaker' for your school.
'Our experiences with the company have always been worthwhile - both educationally and creatively - thanks!' - North Road Primary, Darlington.
'Chris is a great actor. He has an excellent rapport with the children. He had them engrossed from beginning to end.' - Saint Augustine's Primary School, Darlington.
  The Firebird
Ideal for Year 1 - 4 
In an amusing and exciting journey into fantasy and adventure, actor and storyteller Chris Connaughton creates a new version of this classic tale. Bring your imaginations along and help him to create some new stories on the spot!
The performance offers ideas for follow up work on storytelling, adjective work, and other literacy activities. In particular this story features the five senses as well at themes of perseverance and trust.
Book 'The Firebird' for your school.
'The best stories ever!' - Ringwood Junior School, Hants.
'Enchanting.' - Sunninghill Preparatory School, Dorchester.
The Tinderbox
Ideal for Year 2 - 4.
A re-telling of the classic Hans Andersen tale, this version has excitement, intrigue, laughter... and three dogs with eyes as big as your imagination!
Follow the brave soldier as he returns home and encounters diabolical danger, disaster and devious deceit.
This performance has all the trademark humour, characterisation and suspense which have made Chris Connaughton's stories so popular with children and adults alike.
Follow up workshops on descriptive writing and re-telling stories are available in the classroom afterwards.
Book 'The Tinderbox' for your school.
'Please come and perform for us again soon.' - The Blue School, Isleworth.
'The story was captivating.' - Parent at public performance, Northampton.