The Eloquent Oracist

The importance of conversation in developing EYFS oracy and literacy skills

Let’s get talking with our children, not just at them!

A new workshop for teachers by Chris Connaughton

Developed in conjunction with Shonette Basson and Alan Peat

'Chris Connaughton's stories and novels are exciting and inspire children and teachers all over the country. His workshops are amazing!'

- Jean Evans, educational writer for Scholastic, Folens and Harper Collins

‘The whole afternoon was brilliant. Chris’s workshops are always very enjoyable and worthwhile.

 – Heighington Primary School

We all know that reading for pleasure has a great positive impact on literacy. Guess what? So does conversing for pleasure. How can children begin to use a variety of language in our writing, if they do not grow up with a variety of language in their lives?

Using proven storytelling and drama techniques, this workshop invigorates the spoken word, and also improves future writing.


‘If we can solve some of these language and oracy problems in Early Years, implications throughout school will be huge.’

- Head Teacher, Guisborough




  •   Build vocabulary and a love of language.
  •   Encourage communication in a safe setting.
  •   Share ways of using storytelling to inspire a variety of re-tellings and other classroom activity.
  •   Demonstrate how we place restrictions on our own oracy – and how to break those bad habits!
  •   Reveal why we have to change the way we talk with children.


FORMAT: The workshop lasts for one hour and can be followed by a Q and A session if required. It includes a mixture of presentation, games and exercises to promote and practise skills.

Using repetition, rhymes and basic story structures, professional actor, storyteller and children’s playwright Chris Connaughton demonstrates a variety of ways to develop conversation and discussion in the classroom. Chris shows ways of encouraging and enabling young children to join in with stories thus extending vocabulary and increasing confidence in using the spoken word. He shares ideas that will create an atmosphere in your classroom where conversation and language is constantly stimulated.

Chris’s simple drama games will challenge the way you think about your own conversation. His ideas will change the way you present yourself in class... and in life!

COSTS:  Single workshop: £400.  Full day (two workshops): £650.

Overseas bookings for conferences, workshop packages etc £1000 per day plus travel and accommodation.

AVAILABILITY: Throughout the 2014-2015 academic year.

TO BOOK: To book a workshop or for further details contact Chris at: [email protected] 

Mobile: 07718048904   Home and office: 01425 482702