Stories and Shows for Upper Key Stage 2

These recitals are presented in the direct, energetic style for which Chris Connaughton and Intext Performance have become so popular. It is hoped that these stories will be enjoyed by a variety of age ranges from 9 and 10 year olds upwards. The pieces can be accompanied by writing workshops if required.

Remember: you can book a number of different performances for the day, depending on your requirements.
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 A Ghost on the Tracks
A railway waiting room. A gentleman whiles away his time by "amusing" his fellow travellers with ghost stories he remembers from childhood. Join him, and listen while you wait for your train to arrive…if you dare! 
This recital performance includes dramatised versions of 'A School Story' by M.R. James, and the haunting classic, 'The Signalman' by Charles Dickens. It serves as an introduction to the work of two eminent authors, and as a springboard to studying the Victorian and Edwardian periods, as well as being a spellbinding entertainment for all lovers of the suspenseful mystery story.
Suitability: Y5 upwards. This show is also available as an evening show for teachers and parents. It is very popular with adult audiences as a piece of dinner theatre, part of a PTA fundraising event etc.
Book 'A Ghost on the Tracks' for your school
'The whole afternoon was brilliant, very enjoyable and worthwhile' - Heighington Primary School.
'Enhances our creative curriculum' - St.Clare's R.C Primary, Tyne and Wear.

 The Upper Berth
A group of travellers gathers together after dinner to relate their adventures. One particular man calls out that he will tell them a ghost story. “A ghost story about a ship!” By turns the tale amuses, informs, and finally chills his audience with its macabre incidents.
Based on a short story by F Marian Crawford, this recital: 'has children and teachers jumping out of their seats!' - Ringwood Junior School. 
An excellent impetus for descriptive writing.
Book 'The Upper Berth' for your school.
'We have never had a poor performance from Chris. Inventive, thought provoking and spellbinding,' - Grange Primary School, Hartlepool.
 Sherlock Holmes and the Blackmailer's Victim
This new recital piece is based on the classic Conan Doyle story "Charles Augustus Milverton". It follows the thrilling adventure of Homes and Watson as, for once, they find themseves on the wrong side of the law in their attempt to thwart 'the most evil man in London!'
Suitability: Y5 and
Also available as an evening performance for teachers and parents.
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The Final Problem 
“It is with a heavy heart that I take up my pen to write these, the very last words with which I shall ever describe the singular adventures and abilities of my friend, Sherlock Holmes…”
In this way, Conan Doyle began the story of Holmes’ famous final journey across Europe. Pursued by the evil Professor Moriarty, the episode ends in the climactic scenes at the Reichenbach falls.
Dr Watson tells the story from his diaries. It is through him, and him alone, that we can learn the truth behind what really happened on that day between the greatest criminal mind in London, and the most famous, popular and brilliant detective the world has ever known.
Suitability: Y5 and Y6.
Also available as an evening performance for teachers and parents.


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